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How many sessions is the programme?
There are 12 sessions, an initial screening session and 11 follow up sessions.

How long each session?
The initial session is 1 hour followed by 11 sessions of 30 minutes.

How many weeks?
The programme can be tailored to the individual players needs, with a number of sessions per week or the programme can be spread out over several weeks. Often a player will have their initial session and a few specific sessions over a week then space the remainder of the sessions out weekly as to embrace the information and knowledge from the therapists. The programme can be completed in a month or spread out over several months.

Can ACC pay for the Football Performance Programme?
No ACC cannot pay for the Football Performance Programme. ACC only funds accidents and therefore cannot contribute to any costs to the Football Performance Programme – please speak to your physiotherapist if you have any other questions.

Can I have more sessions?
Yes often players want more sessions to help improve their performance and well being. Speak directly to your physiotherapist and these can be arranged in addition to the current programme structure.

Is my page/ session secure?
Yes, your session / screen and any information is for your eyes only and only the physiotherapists working with you can edit view your page. It is password protected and secure.